The Euro BBQs have been specifically designed to be integrated with the Euro Alfresco system using our unique air venting system achieving a close to zero clearance fit. The kitchen can be purchased without a Euro BBQ, but we recommend checking with our team before placing another BBQ in as this may void your warranty.

All Euro BBQ’s are supplied by default with an LPG connection, however, a Natural Gas conversion kit is available separately for purchase. All Natural Gas conversions are to be carried out by a licensed gas fitter.

Yes, provided it is a 20mm thick Engineered Stone and the stone is cut according to dimensions and clearances as recommended by Euro Alfresco. Euro Alfresco will not install 3rd party supplied stone.

Not at this point in time, however, we do would recommend using splashback systems such as toughened glass, ceramic tiles and stainless steel. It is recommended that the thickness of these splashback systems should be no more than 10mm to allow for BBQ Hood clearance in the fully opened position.

It is recommended to use one of the optional Euro Alfresco Canopies. The range includes 900mm and 1200mm canopies to suit our 900mm and 1200mm BBQs. Check with the local government regulations and authorities in your area.

Yes, Euro Alfresco has a network of installers throughout most major capital cities in Australia.
Installation includes assembly and installation of cabinets, stone and doors. All appliances are unpacked and placed in position. All sink, tap and natural gas connections are not included and connections must be carried out by licensed trades persons.

No, canopy installations must be carried out by a licensed venting specialist.

Yes it is possible, assembly and installation manuals are provided with each Predesign Kitchen and assembly videos are available. Although we would highly recommend an experience installer for best results, the system could be handled by an experience DIY person. Note: All canopy, water, electrical & natural gas connections must still be done via a licensed trade person.

It is rated at a maximum weight of 8kgs.

Euro Alfresco BBQs are made from durable 304 Stainless Steel. As with most stainless steel products in an Alfresco Environ they can be prone to tea staining, it is recommended that the BBQ cover supplied be placed on the BBQ when not in use. In areas close to coastal waters, rivers and estuaries, it is recommended a stainless steel polish coater is applied regularly to reduce tea staining. The Aktivo BBQ pack is a great way to protect and clean your BBQ.

Yes, using our series of modular cabinetry we are able to design a solution to suit. Use the Euro Alfresco Design Grid to sketch and select. The Euro Alfresco team will take care of the rest and provide a quote with line drawing clearly illustrating cabinetry dimensions and appliance selection.

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